New Drivers

New Drivers (Initial) Driver CPC


For LGV drivers who gained their C1 Category before 10th September 2009 you have what is called 'grandfather rights'.


If this doesn't apply to you, you are a 'New Driver'. Check on the back of your drivers licence in column 10 next to C1.


If the date is after 10/09/09 (or there is no date next to C1) you need Initial Driver CPC


If you are a new driver and need advice on what can seem a complicated process we can help! If you are starting from scratch and need all four modules or perhaps you have served in the armed forces and have completed Modules 1+3 and need to do the Driver CPC element (Modules 2+4) call us today 0191 5561004 ask to speak to Gary.


There are three main parts to our "New Driver Package" you can book with us. Price £320.00 inc. VAT

We take care of managing you through the booking process and provide you with a guide to enable you to revise and understand the route to become qualified and staying qualified.



The case studies are scenarios or a set of circumstances that you may encounter in your working life as a professional
driver. You will have 7 different case studies with between 6 and 8 questions. You will be asked 50 questions in
total and have 90 minutes to complete the test you need 40 correct to pass.
There are five types of case studies that you may be asked:
1. Multiple Choice - choosing your answer from a number of possibilities
2. Multi Response - selecting more than one choice from a number of options.
3. Hot Spot - using the mouse and clicking on an appropriate area of an illustration.
4. Audio - listening to an audio clip, then choosing an answer from a number of options.
5. Short Text- you may also be asked to provide a short text answer by using the keyboard.
You will be given your results within 10 minutes of completion. Once you have passed call the contact on the number
in your welcome email and let them know you now need them to book your Module 4.



The test in performed at your local driving test centre and lasts 0.5hours. Candidates arrive and WE will provide the vehicle which
they will use to demonstrate the answers to the questions asked by the examiner. You will also need to demonstrate
your knowledge of load securing using a demo trolley.
The Practical test assesses the candidates knowledge and ability in the following areas:
- Loading the vehicle with due regard for the safety rules and proper vehicle use.
- Ensuring security of the vehicle and its contents.
- Preventing criminality and trafficking of illegal immigrants.
- Assessing emergency situations.
- Preventing physical risks.
- Carrying out a vehicle safety check.
The above is classified into 5 topic areas with a pass mark of 15% out a maximum 20% in each topic and an overall
score of 80%.
The costs for Module 4 include test fee / hire of vehicle and for 1 hour demo before.
As well as test vehicle fuel costs from training centre to test centre and back
On the day of the test please remember to bring your licence and your Module 2 pass certificate.

+ Once you pass you will then receive your Driver Qualification Card please contact us on 0191 5561004 re your




7 Hours of your 35 hours periodic training which will be delivered on a Monday at The Industry Centre in Sunderland, this must be completed within 12 months from the day you booked.
This will count towards your 35 hours periodic training and give you a good understanding about what you need to
know when you start your job regarding:
Driving Limits, Weekly Driving Limits, Fortnightly Driving Limits, Rest Periods,
Working Time Directive, Record Keeping, Enforcement, Sanctions


We cover the North East of England and can book you in if you live in Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Gateshead, Stockton, Darlington, Middlesbrough and all surrounding areas.


New Driver Guide Front Cover


We've even produced a great guide to help you understand what you will need to prepare for and handy tips on what to revise on before you take your theory (and practical) tests click here...

Drivers who don't have C1 at all you need to do all 4 Modules. - Route 1

Drivers who gained C1 after this date (10/09/09) you need to do Modules 2+4. - Route 2


Module 1 – Licence acquisition theory test – 100 multi choice questions and 19 hazard perception clips


Module 2 – Driver CPC theory test -1½ hours Case Study questions


Module 3 – Licence acquisition practical test - 1½ hours practical driving test


Module 4 – Driver CPC practical test – 30 minutes practical demonstration of vehicle safety


You must pass Module 1 before you can take Module 3 and you must pass

Module 2 before you can take Module 4.

Once all modules have been completed you will be issued with a

Driver Qualification Card (DQC) by the DSA.



We simplify things by having two routes for New Drivers.

Route 1 (Modules 1 then 3, 2 then 4) All 4 Modules PRICE FOR OUR PACKAGE STARTS AT £1400.00 *

Route 2 (Module 2 then 4) PRICE £320.00 inc. VAT *


(Drivers Hours / The Professional Driver)

Ring 0191 5561004 for more details... or click here...

We can then guide you through this process and get you booked in ASAP!

Route 1 (Modules 1 then 3, 2 then 4) All 4 Modules PRICE FROM £1400.00 (Initially a deposit of £200.00)



We take you from start to finish. This includes downloading and completing on your behalf the two forms from the D.S.A. The first one is relating to obtaining your provisional licence, the second relates to organising your medical.

Regarding the medical we have negotiated a discounted rate at a GP in Sunderland. So leave this to us as it can be cheaper for you to come through to Sunderland (if you live outside) than end up paying up to double if you go to your Doctor locally.

Module 1

Module 1. Once the forms and medical are complete we will book you in for your touch screen theory test - hazard perception. 

Once you have passed your Module 1 we will carry out a driving assessment. If you are competent car driver you will only need an intensive week long course of lessons.

Module 3

This consists of 5 days Monday to Friday max of 4 hours per day with one of our registered DSA instructors.

The vehicle you will take your lessons in is a Class 2 Rigid "C" Category.

With our package we will aim to help you aquire both C1 + C.


This will benefit you once you enter the jobs market as you will be able to driver not only the large vans 3.5 - 7.5 tonne, but also 7.5 tonne upwards all the way up to 32 tonne. *

There are higher rates of pay on the C category jobs for the rigid lorries.

(* Does not include CE Class 1 Articulated lorries however - You need to gain your C cat before you are even able to take your artic test)

Once you have completed your driving lessons the instructor will book you in for your Driving Test - Module 3

This includes the £115 test fee / Hire of the vehicle / Fuel and our instructors time taking you (and the vehicle) to the test centre and back.

If successful the instructor will organise sending away your provisonal licence and aquiring your new full licence.

Module 2

We will then organise booking you in for your Module 2 Case Studies again a touch screen theory test .

Module 4

You must pass this before we can then book you in for your Module 4 which again involves a trip to the test centre with our vehicle and instructor this includes the test fee / Hire of the vehicle / Fuel and our instructors time taking you (and the vehicle) to the test centre and back. The Module 4 test itself is relating to walk around checks and demonstration of securing a load. It involves a series of "show me tell me" questions. Our instructor will drive you to the test centre and beforehand will go through everything with you. For example where the washer bottles / expansion bottles are ect ect. How to check for illegal stoways if you are coming back from France. He will demonstrate how best to secure a load via a ratchet system ect and talk through how to tie down a load.


Once you have passed this you will have gained both your licence (C1+C) and your Initial Driver CPC!


You are then welcome to come on our 7 hours Drivers Hours / Professional Driver course which will tell you everything you need to know ahead of starting your new job! This must be completed within 12 months from the day you booked.


Once you pay your £200.00 deposit you will immediately recieve a great detailed guide giving you even more information and tips on what to revise ahead of your 4 tests.


The balance of £1200.00 can be discussed with one of our staff members when you come in to fill in your provisional licence and medical forms.


This package is dependent on you passing each module first time.


Any retests (and / or any additional lessons) will be charged at the standard rate.


Ring 0191 5561004 for more details... or click here...


We can then guide you through this process and get you booked in ASAP!


Head UK Office: St Peters Gate
Charles Street
0191 5561004
07544 467 347

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