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Last updated : Thursday 2nd April 2020 Driver-CPC-From-Home-Image-Webinar

If you are delivering remote DCPC courses and you'd like to work together get in touch please.

We've got the drivers wanting to book if you've got the spaces.

We've already got a proven track record of doing trade deals and working alongside other training companies across the country.

We are UK Driver CPC Network Ltd.
In the North East of England we were previously known as North East Driver CPC Training. We are an approved training centre working as a consortium member of R.T.I.T.B. We use as our course material their Master Driver CPC Module Programme.


We also work with other approved training centres across the UK. We like to collaborate rather than compete with other like minded good quality training providers.

We will pay your invoice upon receipt before the driver commences their training.

We deliver our own DCPC courses on a regular basis and have done for many years so we are more than just a 'broker'. Click the icon below to check out our reviews....


We have however, optimised our websites for the Google search engine and pages of ours often appear high on the first pages of regions of the country outside of our normal catchment area.


So, when a driver from outside of our area calls in (having seen us on his (or her) local search) we are still able to go through the normal booking process as if they were coming on one of our courses.

We can:


1. Check their eligibilty - explain to them which course they need (either initial or periodic). Then take their contact details


2. Take their drivers licence details


3. And then if once established if they are serious we take their payment.

(We never give credit or 'book' a driver on a course until they have paid in full) *


* This goes for companies too.


As you know this is time consuming.


We've developed a very good system for this now having done it now several thousand times.


So we look for a quick payment to yourselves, we'll do everything via email (although you can call us we are at the office every day). We do like to have an invoice emailed to us (PDF is great) more or less the same day we will email you the drivers details and BACS the payment through.


We are already doing this with companies like yourselves across the UK.


And we are finding this business model works really well.


For it to work well all we ask for is:


* A list of your upcoming course dates.


* Ideally a breakdown of what you do each day - and better still if (like ourselves) you do the same course on a Monday (Drivers Hours) etc


* Look after the driver when they come


* Supply us with your joining instructions letter so that we can take the important info from this and 'white label' the email confirmation we send to them as soon as they book.


Then as per usual its normally down to the bottom line!


We look to split the course fee we collect roughly 25% / 75% *

We take 25%

You get 75%

So on a normal 5 day course the £300.00 splits down

We take £75.00

You get £225.00

* As a starting point if both parties charge the same. If both parties are different we can negociate.

When you have just got over the break even mark of your course and we add a few of these we would imagine this could be quite profitable and quite welcome!


One other thing we are aiming to do is only work exclusively with one provider in each travel to work area. For example Yorkshire is a big county so we are looking to work with someone to cover Leeds / Bradford / Wakefield and then someone else to cover Sheffield / Rotherham / Barnsley / Doncaster etc.


Then from there you can join our 'network'!


We won't make any promises as to how many drivers we will be able to send across but we are looking to have a good run ahead of most drivers expiry date on their DQC's of 08.09.19 next year, and that is without the chaos Brexit will inevitably cause!


We do also have some well developed terms and conditions to protect ourselves / yourselves and of course the customer.


And any further questions that are not covered here we would be more than happy to discuss.


If you are interested contact us please on: or 0191 5561004

or follow us to find out more!

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"We started working with UK Driver CPC Network Ltd in March 2019, enlisting there clients onto our Driver CPC training courses in South Yorkshire. They attracted a steady stream of quality clients onto our weekly and Saturday courses. Gary and Judith are always on the ball, bookings confirmed and relevant details emailed straight away and the best bit is prompt payment money in our account normally the same day. Overall a fantastic working relationship with Minx Consulting Ltd and UK Driver CPC Network ltd long may it continue."

Graham Haigh, Minx Consulting Ltd. Sheffield



Head UK Office: St Peters Gate
Charles Street
0191 5561004
07544 467 347

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