CPC On A Weekend

CPC On A Weekend

(Split between Saturday afternoon / Sunday Morning)

Does anyone need Driver CPC on a weekend?

Any drivers / or anybody with drivers who are going to be struggling to get 5 days under their belt before the deadline? (September 9th 2019)
Saturday Driver CPC Course, Sunderland
We do the usual Saturdays (7.30am till 3.30pm)

Click Here for more details.

But has anybody got any feedback on the following idea...?

Split the 7 hours into two 3.5 hour sessions:

3.5 hours on a Saturday afternoon


3.00 pm till 6.30 pm *


3.5 hours on a Sunday morning

8.00 am till 11.30 am *

* We would of course need to factor in a break time

and time to do registrations.
* Plus dare I say it we may need to charge a bit extra.Saturday Driver CPC Course, Sunderland 2

Your thoughts please on us trying to make the best

of a difficult dilemma?

0191 5561004

or email




Head UK Office: St Peters Gate
Charles Street
0191 5561004
07544 467 347

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