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L16CPC3 - Drivers Hours A & The Professional Driver A (CRS11715/223)

Drivers' Hours rules are in place to keep drivers safe on the road. This course is designed to help drivers understand the complexities of Drivers' Hours, discussing rest periods, the WTD, record keeping and enforcement.
Professional drivers' roles and responsibilities are vast and extend beyond those needed whilst out on the road. This course aims to raise drivers' awareness of how their actions reflect on their professionalism and that of their operator's.

We include this day's course for drivers booking our Mods 2+4 package.



L16CPC426 - Load Safety A & Emergency Actions A (CRS11715/223)

This course explores the principles behind load safety, aiming to improve drivers' application of procedures through an appreciation of the theory behind it. The course also covers load distribution, securing systems and load awareness.
This course is designed to prepare drivers for emergencies and unforeseen events. The course provides guidance on emergencies such as, breakdowns, vehicle collisions, emergency manoeuvring and physical and verbal confrontation in the work place.



L16CPC600 - Safe and Economic Driving (Theory) A & On the Road A (CRS11715/223)

Driving economically impacts both the environment, and financial costs to businesses. This course gives drivers an understanding of how to implement economic driving, focusing on driving style, torque and engine power, and fuel consumption.
This course addresses some of the most common issues drivers face on urban roads every day, and specifically explores the challenges of route planning, speeding, challenging weather conditions, and minimising the risks to cyclists.



L16CPC648 - Mental Health A & Tachographs A (CRS12738/223)


The importance of talking about mental health, and the prevalence of mental health problems amongst society.

This course aims to clarify tachograph regulations, and provides drivers with step by step guidance of how to use some of the most important functions of a digital tachograph device. The course also explores manual entries, and faults and errors.



L16CPC282 - Haulage Operations (Compliance & Enforcement) A & Haulage Operations (Road Freight Compliance) A (CRS11715/223)

A professional driver's actions don't just impact their reputation but their company's too. This course aims to improve drivers' knowledge on their operators' responsibilities, specifically exploring vehicle inspections and prohibitions, and OCRS.
As well as being skilled behind the wheel, drivers must understand regulations that govern road freight transport. This course covers traffic regulations, clandestine entrants, vehicle selection, and insurance policies from a driver's perspective.



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