Q. Why do you charge more than the company you sent me to for my CPC?

A. We do often get asked this. Here are the reasons why:

Firstly we run our own courses (we are more than just a broker) and we charge £80.00 inc vat for our own courses.

So fundamentally we would never undercut ourselves by charging less than what we charge ourselves to send drivers to one of our competitors!

We do, however deal with some of our competitors and other training centres across the country, and have spent the time building up a network of tried and tested options for drivers who come to us who just want us to sort their CPC.

This involves time and effort ensuring drivers are found courses that are suitable for them on the dates they want.

This might not always be possible for a driver who doesn't have either the time or knowledge to organise this themeselves and find a particular trainer is right for them.

We, along with our chosen network partners have a proven track record and are constantly monitored and audited by the relevant overseeing bodies.

You can view our reviews of our courses by clicking here.

You can also read our unnannounced audit reports by clicking here.

As in anything in life you can always find someone cheaper, but beware some of the more unscrupulous training providers out there who would jeopardise your money by 'bending the rules' and not delivering on the correct training that is vital to your livelihood.

Q. I'm leaving the Army soon can you help me with my resettlement grant?

A. Yes we certainly can.
We have a regular attendance on our courses of serving military lads like yourself who we help gain their Driver Qualification Cards. Ordinarily this involves speaking to your resettlement officer and confirming who we are and that you have spoken to us and provisionally booked your place on our next course. In our previous experience The Army will then expect you to pay for the course yourself initially. We give you all the confirmation you need to authenticate this via email. You will be given a MOD 1746 form which we sign and stamp (normally before the course). Then you are given a MOD 1748 for us to sign and stamp as you are completing the course. This sequence enables you to reclaim the £300.00 course fee you can pay by calling us with your bank card and making payment over the phone.


Q. I'm a transport manager with multiple drivers in the North East. Can you help put together a discounted refresher programme of DCPC days for our North East drivers please?

A. Yes certainly. We anticipate the bottleneck ahead of the next deadline 9-9-19 being even worse than last time with many drivers living in the blind hope DCPC will be "done away with" due to BREXIT.


Q. I've not been driving for a while, got my C1 back 'in the day' (pre 09/09/09) and want to come back in to the driving trade. I realise I have missed the September 2014 deadline, but does this mean if I take my 35 hours of CPC now it will have Expiry 09/09/19 on my Driver Qualification Card?

A. Good question. We sought to clarify this by asking RTITB. This is what they said:- Date 2016-06-02 11:27

A. Hi Gary,
I have looked on the DVSA Website and found the following –

6. If you miss your training deadline

If you miss your deadline, you can't drive professionally until you've finished your training.

You can be fined up to £1,000 for driving professionally without the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Your next deadline will be set for 5 years after the date you finish your training.

Example: Your original deadline was 9 September 2014, but you didn't finish your training until 31 May 2015. The deadline for your next training is 31 May 2020. You couldn't drive professionally between 10 September 2014 and 30 May 2015.

How long training counts for

Any training you've already done counts for 5 years from the date you took the course. You don't lose it because you've passed your deadline.

The training won't count towards the 35 hours total if you took it more than 5 years ago.

The link is https://www.gov.uk/driver-cpc-training/if-you-miss-your-training-deadline

Jemma Thompson
Customer Services Administrator


Q. How can I tell which CPC course I need?

A. Look on the back of your drivers licence. If the date in column 10 next to C1 is before 09/09/09 click here. If the date is after (or there is no date at all just a line click here for more info.

I've heard there has been a recent change by the DVSA relating to Army lads and Mod 1's expiring after 2 years?

We emailed the DVSA direct on this one on 2016-03-18:-

(Previous to this we had been told that there was a 24 month expiry period on Module 1's and drivers had to resit)


Could you clarify please the position on "new drivers" who have taken Modules 1+3 in the Army and are now looking to take Modules 2+4 in "civvy street".

We have been led to believe the Module 1 only lasts 2 years. Or put another way if it is over 2 years it prevents us booking them in for Mods 2+4 and as such they need to retake Module 1?

Could you help clarify this situation please?

Thanks in anticipation for your help.

And got the following reply.....

OFFICIAL:FW: Initial Driver CPC Query on Module (24 month expiry)

Dear Gary

Thank you for your email dated 18 March

I can confirm that if you gained your lorry entitlement though the armed forces, you will need to complete the initial CPC qualification by passing Module 2 (case studies test) and Module 4 (CPC practical test) if you wish to drive professionally. 

If you have the full entitlement on your licence from passing your Module three test you will not need to retake the Theory Module one.

However, you will still hold the licence entitlement for this category.  So you could legally drive a lorry without the CPC qualification as long as it is not for hire or reward.

Additional information regarding Driver CPC can be found on gov.uk website

Yours sincerely,
Customer Support Representative
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency 
Phone:  0300 200 1122


Q. I passed my LGV test in the Army at Leconfield I've got Mods 1+3 I need 2+4 Can you help?

A. Yes we can help you there click here for more info.


Q. How often do you hold courses?

A. We usually hold courses once a month. Normally the middle week of the month.


Q.Any update on PCV CPC in Middlesbrough area yet?: Richard - March 26th 2013

A. To be honest we have no plans to hold courses on Teesside as things stand.


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07544 467 347

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