Beer Quiz

1. Question 1

The EU Definition of a working is what? (What time does the week start?)

2. Question 2

How do you take a split daily rest?

3. Question 3

You are limited to an average working weeking without an opt out of 48 hours. How much (maximum) are you limited to with opt out?

4. Question 4

Do you know how much you will be fined if you drive for more than 4.5 hours but less than 5.5 hours without taking a break?

5. Question 5

What is the purpose of load restraint system? (%)

How much forward?

And how much to the side and to the rear?

6. Question 6

Where would you find the vehicle plating certificate?

7. Question 7

What is the 4 50 role of a Transport Manager?

8. Question 8

Name as many of the 4 most common greenhouse gases?

9. Question 9

Name as many types of (the 5) pedestrian crossings. Name as many as you can.

10. Question 10 -

If you lose your digital tachograph card how many days can you drive?

And what is then the procedure?

Tie Breaker

How many hours DCPC have UK Driver CPC Network Ltd uploaded?

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