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Driver CPC Courses Across The UK

Details correct as of Friday 28th April 2017.

We are your local approved training centre. We run Driver CPC Courses in Sunderland. Our next course in Sunderland will be on Monday 15th to Friday 19th May 2017 at The Industry Centre SR5 3XB. To book on this course call 0191 5561004 or click here and fill in your details and we will call you. All of our courses are JAUPT approved and provided to us by R.T.I.T.B. In fact a complete new syllabus came out recently. The new course modules will provide more interaction with the drivers and no more "death by Powerpoint".

We have a proven track record having ensured over 1200 drivers have obtained their Driver Qualification Cards after attending our courses over the last 3 years. Great feedback, and we have a policy of only using instructors who have experience driving LGV's!

BREXIT and Driver CPC If you are wondering how the recent EU Referendum vote to leave by the UK affects your Driver CPC click here to read our report.

Before you book elsewhere please ensure you check that the instructor has actually had experience out on the roads.

We are still seeing decent numbers on our courses for drivers who have still not completed their first cycle of DCPC. Both drivers who are needing this to get back into work and those who are looking to get a day under their belt for their second cycle of DCPC are welcome on our courses.
For LGV drivers who gained their C1 Category before 10th September 2009 you have what is called 'grandfather rights'.
You need the 35 hour course.

If this doesn't apply to you, you are a 'New Driver'. Check on the back of your drivers license in column 10 next to C1.

If the date is after 10/09/09 (or their is no date next to C1) you need Initial Driver CPC click here for more...

Ring 0191 5561004 for more details.

Drivers who still haven't completed their first cycle of CPC are now struggling to find full 5 days courses.

Not only that, as most drivers are now qualified, less drivers are out their to fill up spaces on any remaining courses.

And the inevitable has happened..prices for remaining seats on the last few courses are begining to rise sharply!

We are currently holding our price at £60.00 per day. Courses elsewhere are charging up to between £80.00 and £90.00 per day.
Doxford Suite A Photos CPC Course
Details correct as of 28th April 2017
Here are a list of the courses we have coming up in the next few months...

Next Full 5 Day course with spaces will be...

We are running a course nearly every month during 2017...

Monday 15th May to Friday 19th May 2017.

Also At The Industry Centre SR5 3XB in Sunderland. SPACES STILL AVAILABLE!

Monday 12th June to Friday 16th June 2017.

Also At The Industry Centre SR5 3XB in Sunderland. SPACES STILL AVAILABLE!

Monday 10th July to Friday 14th July 2017.

Also At The Industry Centre SR5 3XB in Sunderland. SPACES STILL AVAILABLE!

Call Gary or Judith to book in advance on 0191 5561004.

The shortage of drivers and demand for drivers with CPC means that now is as good a time than ever to snap up one of the few remaining places on our courses. Click here for course dates.

We have got a simple 3 step process on our website to allow you to book.

Or call us on 0191 5561004 and we will guide you through it over the phone.


Drivers are reminded they can still attend a Driver CPC course to gain accrue the 35 hours periodic training required. Once uploaded drivers are then able to drive again whilst waiting for their D.Q.C. to arrive in the post. This is sent direct to each drivers address detailed on their drivers license from the D.V.S.A. Drivers can expect to receive their D.Q.C. from the D.V.S.A. in Newcastle-upon-Tyne within 5-6 working days of attending the course. You do however have to have at least 7 hours training complete before you can create your online account (to view your uploaded hours online).

Ring Gary on 07544 467347 or 0191 5561004 to get booked on to our next course more.. We are now planning future courses in 2017 and beyond in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield.  Simply fill in our Step 1 enquiry form
* From 4th June 2015 The price will revert to £60.00 per day (no Vat) included or charged meaning a 5 day course is £300.00. (no Vat). We have now de-registered for VAT and no longer include or charge this in our price. This is due to decrease in number of drivers attending courses now that deadline (and subsequent rush period) is passed and as a company we are now below VAT threshold.

Click here to view videos of one of our recent courses.

NEDCPC July 2013 Photo of Driver CPC Course Eddie Rods showing drivers

Our drivers on previous courses received their Driver Qualification cards the week after they came on the course! We always ask drivers who are completing their 35 hours periodic training to let us know when their DQC's arrive in the post (to them direct from the DVSA). And tieing in with previous courses the average turnaround was once again 4-5 working days.

Because we upload hours straight away (either that night or next working day) the turnaround to get your DQC is very efficient when you book through us (a benefit over some other training companies where long delays have been known).

We can take your booking over the phone. Or you can complete the 3 Step process yourself online.

The process takes 10 - 12 minutes.

We can take your registration form details from your photocard part of your drivers license.

Driver Qualification Card in Hand
Credit Card logos on North East Driver home page

Ring Gary or Judith on 0191 5561004 or call Gary on 07544 467347.

For any bus drivers who have not completed their 35 hours, you can still come on our courses to obtain your DQC, however you must have at least a category 'C1' on your drivers licence.

We are UK DRIVER CPC NETWORK Ltd. We concentrate solely on the 35 hours of Periodic Training that drivers who already have either PCV or LGV entitlement are required to do every 5 years. We are here to find the best training solution for your business or organisation. Our trainers have been approved to deliver approved training courses for periodic training.  Our aim whether it be an enquiry from an individual or a large logistics organisation is to provide the very best solution to meet your requirements.

The 3 main benefits to you in taking your Driver CPC sooner rather than later are:-

1. You will beat the undoubted 'bottleneck' of drivers and companies that are leaving it till the last minute!

2. You will beat any increase in prices when demand outstrips supply!

3. You will be more competitive in the marketplace for work as your competitors drivers will be tied up in the classroom!

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What is Driver CPC?

The Driver CPC is for LGV and PCV drivers who drive professionally throughout the UK. It has been developed as a requirement of the EU Directive 2003/59, which is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of professional LGV and PCV drivers throughout their working life. There are two parts to the legislation:  

The 35 hours are classroom based theory. Complete the 35 hours satisfactorily and you gain your certificates, then you get your Driver Qualification Card sent to you direct from Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency.
  • The Initial Qualification must be achieved by new LGV and PCV drivers along with their vocational licence to enable them to use their licence professionally. 
  • Periodic Training; 35 hours of training every 5 years must be attended by all professional drivers .

Existing Drivers who held a vocational licence prior to the 10th September 2008 (PCV) or the 10th September 2009 (LGV) are exempt from the Initial Qualification. This is known as "acquired rights".

All professional drivers (new and exisiting drivers) MUST complete a total of 35 hours Periodic Training every 5 years following their "acquired rights" or Initial Qualification to keep their Driver CPC valid.




Click here to view videos of one of our recent courses.

North East CPC Driver Training Luck Lorry Driver

If you drive for a company or manage a company in the United Kingdom we can facillitate this training either at your premises or at one of our various locations around the country. We cover London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Bradford, Wakefield, Portsmouth, Southampton.

So whether you drive up and down the A690, across the M62, or down the A1(M) or around the M25 contact us today.


If you are currently serving in H.M. Armed Forces but looking to retrain for a career in 'civvy street' you are welcome on one of our courses! We have had many delegates from Army and RAF bases across the UK attending our previous courses, and yes we can help you with the paperwork relating to your resettlement grant. We can also give guidance to ex servicemen and women who are looking to obtain funding through The Royal British Legion (or Civvy Street as it is now known).

UK Driver CPC Network Ltd, St Peters Gate,

Charles Street, Sunderland SR6 0AN (Find Us)

Army resettlement grant

In the meantime if you are looking for a distribution company in the North East why not try LRH Distribution at Birtley?

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